Frequently Asked Questions

HoloPort Pre-Orders (Flash Sale)

Are you sold out?

Does the price include import duties?

Are these the same HoloPort and HoloPort+ sold in the past?

How many HoloPorts are you selling in this batch?

Why are you asking for a deposit?

When will they ship?

Can I pay in HOT?

Can I buy more than one HP?

Does this impact the shipment of Nanos?

Will HoloPort owners of this batch be allowed to test pre-Beta?

Does this increase of HoloPorts impact the value of HoloFuel?

How many HoloPorts can I buy and run on a single host account?

Isn’t this old hardware?

Will there be another batch of HoloPorts available before Beta?

HoloPort General Questions

Where can I buy a Holoport?

How do I update my shipping address?

How much HoloFuel can I expect to earn from hosting?

How much bandwidth does a HoloPort use? Is there a way to limit its usage?

Does the HoloPort directly connect to the modem or router, or the computer itself?

Can a HoloPort run unattended?

Could I use my HoloPort as a regular computer if I wanted to?